About Me

Ethan is a filmmaker, writer and overall storytelling enthusiast. He spends most of his time thinking about the stories that he would like to tell spanning across many mediums (including, but not limited to, short stories, documentaries, and screenplays). Following his graduation from the George Washington University, Ethan began working for the award-winning production company, Spark Media, as a shooter / editor / social-media-doer / website cleaner. His most recent short documentary, Invasive, is about the Northern Snakehead--an invasive species in the Potomac River and screened at the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital.

When Ethan is not working on film and writing projects, he enjoys supporting his lack-luster Washington sports teams, making people laugh, transatlantic travel, and watching movies (some of his favorites include The Big Lebowski and a few others that pale in comparison).

Please, enjoy his work. Oh yeah, and follow him on Twitter.